Questions And Answers

Q: Is Friendly Hills Property Owner Association mandatory membership?

A: No. Friendly Hills Property Owner Association is a volunteer organization. The cost is only $50 a year and we are around 1,400 homes in Friendly Hills.

Q: What are the By-Laws for Friendly Hills Property Owner Association

A: Our By-Laws are for download on our website here:

Q: What are the rules for placing solar panels on my roof?

A: Friendly Hills Property Owner Association does not have any guidelines here. The Solar Panel installer will typically look for a location with the most sun. You need though to have the propper permission from the City of Whittier’s Building & Safety Department. A good place to start are these two documents:

Q: What is the crime rate in Whittier

A: Each month we (Friendly Hills Property Owner Association) on this website publish all incidents the police have been involved in for Whittier. See all reports here:

Q: I see neighbours not watering their front yards at all

The lack of proper yard maintenance is a normal code enforcement matter that we deal with. Property owners are expected to maintain their properties, including watering their landscapes. We are no longer in mandatory drought conditions as the Governor has lifted the drought order. As such we are no longer under the prior watering restrictions (max. 3 days/week). However, residents are encouraged to continue conserving water where possible – but that does not mean that it is appropriate to leave their lawns and shrubs unwatered.

I would encourage residents to forward property maintenance issues such as these to our Code Enforcement staff by calling (562) 567-9190 or by emailing us at WHCodeEnforce@cityofwhittier.orgor reporting through our Whittier 24/7 phone app.

Jeffrey W. Collier

City Manager
13230 Penn Street, Whittier, CA 90602
(562) 567-9300