Local Services

Here is a list of local services that residences of Friendly Hills Whittier can take use of. Friendly Hills Property Owner Association does not take any responsibility for any of the services, but they are all serious enough to support your Friendly Hills Property Owner Association. With other words: They are giving back to your community.

Brookfield Residential Plan for Nellies: Click Brookfield Residential Plan for Nellies

California Grill: Click California Grill Whittier

Citizens Homecare: Click Citizens Homecare

De Lucas Restaurant: Click De Lucas Restaurant

La Casita Olvera Restaurant: La Casita Olvera

Louis Grimaldy – StateFarm Insurance: Click Louis Grimaldi – State Farm

Oakmont Of Whittier – Luxury Senior Living: Click Luxury Senior Living

Orchards BBQ and Grill: Click Orchards BBQ and Grill

Realtor Allan Nakken and Realtor Luis Carrion: Click Nakken & Carrion

Realtors Linda and Tim Domis: The Domis Team

Shannon G’s Flowers: Click Shannon Gs Flowers

Sharpstone Realty: Click Sharpstone Realty

Secure Property Management: Click Secure Property Management

Whittier Plastering Service: Click Whittier Plastering Service

Williams Tree Service: Click Williams Tree Service