Local Services

Here is a list of local services that residences of Friendly Hills Whittier can take use of. Friendly Hills Property Owner Association does not take any responsibility for any of the services, but they are all serious enough to support your Friendly Hills Property Owner Association. With other words: They are giving back to your community.

Alex Moisa: Click Alex Moisa

Angel And Patty Realtors: Click Angel And Patty Realtors

Angle & Patty Realtors: Click Angle & Patty Realtors

Associated Cabinets Robert Reggio: Click Associated Cabinets Robert Reggio

Brookdale: Click Brookdale

California Grill: Click California Grill

Carden Academy: Click Carden Academy

Cathy Warner: Click Cathy Warner

CENTURY 21 Cornerstone: Click CENTURY 21 Cornerstone

CENTURY 21 Cornerstone: Click CENTURY 21 Cornerstone

Certified Nursing Assistant – Fernanda Vargas: Click Certified Nursing Assistant – Fernanda Vargas

Coldwell Banker Alliance: Click Coldwell Banker Alliance

Crepes-and-Grapes: Click Crepes-and-Grapes

David Warner DDS: Click David Warner DDS

Domis Team: Click Domis Team

Framery Fine Art Gallery: Click Framery Fine Art Gallery

Friendly Hills Bank: Click Friendly Hills Bank

Friendly Hills Country Club: Click Friendly Hills Country Club

HAB Hadley Auto Body: Click HAB Hadley Auto Body

Hadley Tow: Click Hadley Tow

Joe Vinatieri: Click Joe Vinatieri

John Sudak DDS: Click John Sudak DDS

Karen Toth Notary Realtor: Click Karen Toth Notary Realtor

La Serna High School: Click La Serna High School

Linda Pennino – Realtor: Click Linda Pennino – Realtor

Loving Homecare Inc: Click Loving Homecare Inc

Luis Carrion Realtor: Click Luis Carrion Realtor

Minerva Gutierrez Realtor: Click Minerva Gutierrez Realtor

Oakmont: Click Oakmont

Paul And Sophia = Realtors: Click Paul And Sophia – Realtors

Paul and Sophia Group = Realtors: Click Paul and Sophia Group = Realtors

Paul and Tiffany Realtors: Click Paul and Tiffany Realtors

Paul Viveros Medicare: Click Paul Viveros Medicare

PIH Foundation Gala: Click PIH Foundation Gala

PIH Health Find A Doctor: Click PIH Health Find A Doctor

PIH Health Foundation: Click PIH Health Foundation

PIH Health Urgent Care Center Locations: Click PIH Health Urgent Care Center Locations

Reliance Mortgage Service: Click Reliance Mortgage Service

Roadhouse: Click Roadhouse

Ruben Armienta DDS: Click Ruben Armienta DDS

The Groves: Click The Groves

Wasilik Klimenko Realtor: Click Wasilik Klimenko Realtor

White Emerson: Click White Emerson

Whittier Area Chamber Of Commerce: Click Whittier Area Chamber Of Commerce

Whittier City Council: Click Whittier City Council

Williams Tree Service: Click Williams Tree Service