Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 27

Future Neighborhood Watch Meetings in Whittier

Good evening, I wanted to pass along some information should you be interested in scheduling a neighborhood watch meeting moving forward.  Joe Vinatieri, the Mayor of Whittier, has offered to attend and speak at any future neighborhood watch meetings.  Anyone interested in having the…more

Jun 14

Property Theft From Vehicles in Whittier

Dear Neighborhood Watch Captains,  Thefts from vehicles unfortunately continue to rise in the City of Whittier.  This is not isolated to our city, but is widespread throughout the region.  There are a variety of contibuting factors, but one of the best preventitive means is…more

Jun 07

May 2016 Whittier Police Report

Whittier Police Incidents Report for the Month of May 2016 published by the Friendly Hills Property Owner Association, Whittier Case Number    Reported Date/Time      Occurred Incident Type                                Location Case Number Reported Date/Time Occurred Incident Type Location in Whittier         2016-00004832 05/31/2016 08:31:00…more