Jan 12

Membership Renewal

The Friendly Hills Property Owners Membership of only $45.00 per year is  once again due. These funds are collected to support the efforts of our Members/   Residents to further develop the area in which we all call Friendly Hills. Your Board of   Directors donate their time and effort to make Friendly Hills a better and safer place to live.   Our ongoing initiatives are to have a great working relationship with City Hall, the Police   Department and to work closely with these entities to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods.   We publish monthly a Crime report issued by our area Lieutenant of the Whittier Police   Department. Additionally we work with Code Enforcement to ensure that severe property   conditions are dealt with appropriately. We currently have two Board Members who review   various property conditions, communicate with residents that require improvement and if   necessary work with Code Enforcement to ensure conditions are improved to benefit all   F.H.P.O.A. Residents.   We have a team of three Board Members that oversee Architecture and interface with the   Whittier City Hall Building Department to ensure appropriate development and that our C.C.   & R.s are complied with.   We are in constant communication with the Public Works Department and ensure that all   residents are alerted when street work takes place.   We will be working closely with all City Hall Entities to ensure proper Business development   takes place in adjoining undeveloped areas such as Board Ford’s property and we will do our   very best to assist when necessary to bring to you our residents the best that Whittier can   offer.   We plan to host once again a great Annual Meeting where City Manager Jeff Collier will   bring to you the plans for developing our open spaces noted above as well as give updates on   new businesses coming to Uptown and Whittier Blvd. Please mark your Calendars now for   7:00 p.m. April 16th, 2015 with a hosted dinner before the meeting. Once again we will be at   Whittier Area Community Church (W.A.C.C.).   We are only as good as our Membership and thank you for your financial support. Please pay   your dues and send your check today in the enclosed envelope, or visit our website and pay   via PAYPAL.