Feb 11

Home burglaries in proximity to Friendly Hills

As you know, there have been recent home burglaries in the east part of town. We took 5 burglary reports within a close geographical area since February 4, 2016 with the last one taking place Tuesday night in the 15900 block of Carmenia Drive. We also had an attempt burglary last night off Portafino but residents were home and scared them off.  We are developing some information on suspect vehicle and will provide it shortly.  All occurred between the hours of 7pm and 9pm and entry was made through rear windows and doors. Except for the one last night, no one was home at the time of these burglaries.  The burglar(s) targeted bedrooms and took designer purses, shoes, jewelry and cash.   There have no physical evidence obtained but detectives have canvassed the area searching for any houses that may have video systems. Earlier this week, detectives and patrol staff met to formulate a coordinated game plan.  In addition to ongoing detective bureau investigative tasks (contacting other agencies/informants, etc.), the following action items were discussed and implemented:

  1. Crime bulletin will be produced and volunteers will be used for door-to-door distribution in the impacted area (attached). Bulletin will also be posted on Nextdoor.com as well as a statement from me.
  2. Dispatch will give TOP priority to any burglar alarm in the impacted area during the hours of 1800-2100.  
  3. We have undercover personnel in the area during the reported times of the burglaries. 

Hopefully with the assistance of residents reporting suspicious activity, we can catch them if they hit again. Thanks Jeff A. Piper Chief of Police 13230 Penn Street Whittier, CA  90602 (562)567-9202