Monthly Archive: January 2016

Jan 29

Power gone Friday January 29 2016

All power is gone for homes in Friendly Hills in areas around Lodosa Ave/Enramada due to change of a power pole. We lost power Friday January 29th around 1pm and will not get it back before early Saturday morning January 30th.

Jan 13

Whitier Area Classic Car Show Feb 27, 2016 at WACC

Come and attend the upcoming Whitier Area Classic Car Show Feb 27, 2016 from 9AM at WACC For more information click here:

Jan 07

December 2015 Whittier Police Report

Whittier Police Incidents Report for the Month of December 2015 published by the Friendly Hills Property Owner Association, Whittier Case Number    Reported Date/Time      Occurred Incident Type                                Location               2015-00010623  12/31/2015 22:00:15        TRAFFIC COLLISION                         15709 E STARBUCK ST, WHITTIER               2015-00010624  12/31/2015 22:00:15        2 DUI                                                     15675 E…more