Monthly Archive: October 2018

Oct 31

Be aware of scammers who calls you

There are currently various scams going around that target our community and involve alleged unpaid utilities, IRS debt, family members in jail, etc.  The scammer calls the victim on the phone and will agree to remedy the alleged debt, and then offers a solution…more

Oct 05

September 2018 Whittier Police Report

Whittier Police Incidents Report for the Month of September 2018 published by the Friendly Hills Property Owner Association, Whittier Case Number Reported Date/Time Occurred Incident Type Location ============= =================== ============================= ============================= 2018-00008074 9/30/2018 20:02 MENTAL DISORDER 8600 S VIA SANTA CRUZ AVE, WHITTIER 2018-00008073 9/30/2018…more