Monthly Archive: November 2015

Nov 05

Message from President of Friendly Hills Property Owner Association

Friendly Hills Property Owners I would like to take a moment to update our Membership on issues that have been taking place on behalf of the Association: We have been working closely Oppidan the Developer of the Board Ford Property. The site will be…more

Nov 03

October 2015 Whittier Police Report

Whittier Police Incidents Report for the Month of October 2015 published by the Friendly Hills Property Owner Association, Whittier Case Number   Reported Date/Time    Incident Type                                    Location 2015-00008870  10/31/2015 02:21:19        MENTAL DISORDER                                         8932 S MILLS AVE, WHITTIER 2015-00008849  10/30/2015 12:30:39        2 NARCOTICS                                                     15301 E YOUNGWOOD DR,…more