Jul 29

200-400 goats by Murphy Ranch Park


Dear Mr Nakken,

I am writing to let you know that the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the Los Angeles County Agriculture Commissioner are once again requiring the City of Whittier to perform expanded weed removal along the southern border of Murphy Ranch Park as part of the annual fire mitigation effort. Along with discing some areas within the park of the City has also contracted with a service to have 200-400 goats clear this steep terrain. The herd is monitored around the clock by two herders and a herd dog. A small battery powered electric fence and the dog are used to keep the herd in place and for protection.

The project will begin with the arrival of the goats on May 31, 2015 and is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete. THere will be a small trailer and port-a-potty on site for the use of the herders. The park gates will continue to be locked each evening.

Notice of this upcoming work will be posted fourteen (14) residences on Las Cumbres Drive and ten (10) on Seranate Drive. Please contact the Parks Division at (562) 567-9400 if you have any questions.

Fran Shields
Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services