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Feb 03

Lights on Friendly Hills Signs

We have started the process of adding solar powered lights to the Friendly Hills Signs. The picture below is from the sign on the corner of Enramada Ave and La Entrada Ave

Mar 12

Intimate Meeting Friendly Hills

Today the Association was contacted by City Hall; they advised us  that the Whittier Cadillac and Board Ford Properties will be potentially developed by Oppidan Properties located in San Mateo.  Shortly there after I was contacted by the Developer who very much wants  to get YOUR support…more

Mar 04

Judges needed for La Serna High School’s Senior Project presentations Whittier

Dear La Serna Friend,   Once again it is time to begin looking forward to La Serna High School’s Senior Project presentations. As always, we have a strong desire to share our Senior Projects with the community. We are as eager to invite you…more